Play Winning Keno Numbers Online Australia

Play Keno Online Australia

Do you love playing keno? With Lottoland, you’ll definitely love Keno as you get in the running for amazing $1 million jackpots every four minutes. You can get that jackpot buzz whenever you like, from afternoon until early morning, with the draws taking place every four minutes between 2.34pm and 7.54am AEST, every day of the week. That’s no less than 15 shots at the jackpot every hour, so there’s no excuse for not being on time to play Keno at Lottoland.

Keno Australia is one of the country’s favourite games, and it couldn’t be easier than with Keno at Lottoland. All you need to do is choose how many numbers you want to play, from one to 10, and watch 20 numbers be drawn from a total of 70 in all of the Keno Australia draws. The more you choose, the higher your potential winnings are, all the way up to a million. To be a four minute millionaire, match 10 numbers with a 10x stake – it’s that easy to play Keno Australia at Lottoland.

But you’ll still be a winner if you match five, six, seven, eight or nine numbers, and even zero numbers will mean a prize is yours! So for jackpot fun every four minutes, play Keno with Lottoland, with a single game costing just $1*.

Play Keno Online

Lottoland is where you can play keno online, with $1 million jackpot draws taking place each and every four minutes throughout the afternoon until early morning. The game is Keno Lottoland, where each keno draw puts you in the running to win big.

The exciting Keno draws take place between 2.34pm and 7.54am AEST, every four minutes, and you can play now online at Lottoland. It means you can play for your chance to be Australia’s next millionaire no less than 15 times every hour!

Playing Keno online with Lottoland could not be easier, as all you need to do is select between one and 10 numbers, choose your stake, and sit back and wait for those million dollar numbers to be drawn. 20 keno numbers between 1-70 are drawn randomly, and if you match 10 numbers with a 10x stake, you can call yourself a millionaire.

The more you stake, the more you stand to win, and you don’t need to match 10 numbers to win at Keno with Lottoland – even matching five numbers will mean a prize is yours. And an unique quirk of playing Keno with Lottoland is that even if you match zero keno numbers, you can win a prize! So there’s no excuse not to play Keno online with Lottoland, with a single game costing you as little as $1.

Keno Odds

When you want to play lotto online, the Keno odds at Lottoland are some of the very best in the world, putting you within sight of a huge jackpot prize. Your Australian keno odds of winning the $1 million jackpot when you play Keno at Lottoland are 1:2,147,181, so when you consider that you can play 15 times each hour from afternoon until morning, your chances of becoming an instant millionaire are impressively high each and every day.

20 keno numbers are drawn every four minutes between 2.34pm and 7.54am AEST, so you can always be in with a shout of riches by playing Keno at Lottoland. Supercharging your keno odds is easy, because if you select all 10 numbers with Keno at Lottoland, you only need to match five or more (or even none at all!) to win a prize.

You can even win a Keno prize at Lottoland if you select just eight numbers and don’t get a single match! Or if you pick just one number on Keno, your odds are boosted to a tantalising 1:4 – it’s just that easy to play the keno odds and come out a happy winner at Lottoland.

How to Play Keno

You can play the simple and exciting game of keno online every day, and almost all day, with Keno at Lottoland. So if you’re wondering how to play keno no matter where you are, you’ve come to the right place at Lottoland.

Only when you play Keno online at Lottoland do you get the chance to win an amazing $1 million jackpot every four minutes, from the afternoon to the early morning – that’s 15 times each and every hour.

So no matter what day of the week it is, between 2.34pm and 7.54am AEST all you have to do is select between 1-10 numbers with Keno and choose a stake between $1 and $10. The higher the stake, the higher the potential winnings, so that if you match 10 numbers with a 10x stake, you can call yourself the latest Lottoland millionaire!

Every Keno draw sees 20 numbers between one and 70 drawn, and if five of your picks are a match, you’re an instant winner. You can even win if you select eight numbers and not a single one of them is drawn, so it’s easy to win with Keno.

Keno Win Strategies

How to win keno at Lottoland? It’s not only fun and easy, there are so many ways to win every four minutes between 2.34pm and 7.54am AEST. Putting yourself in the running for the $1 million jackpot couldn’t be simpler – choose 10 keno numbers with a 10x stake, and if they are all drawn, you’re a millionaire.

But that’s not the only way to win with Keno. If you select one or two numbers, matching those numbers from the 20 that are drawn means you win. And if you select three of your favourite numbers with Keno, you win a prize by matching just two. There’s also nothing stopping you from choosing four numbers, meaning you win a prize if just two are drawn – and those are very good winning odds with Keno.

Choosing five or six numbers on Keno means you’ll need three to be drawn to win, while selecting seven will see a prize heading your way if you match four keno numbers. If you choose eight, you’ll need four of your numbers to be drawn to win a prize – but there’s more! If none of your numbers come out at all, if you’ve chosen to play eight or more keno numbers, you can win as well!

Choosing nine or 10 numbers is the best way to win the really big Keno prizes, but you’ll still win something if you match just five. And upping your keno stakes is the best way to supercharge your potential winnings, as you can bet anywhere between $1 and $10 on any one game – betting $10 means your potential winnings are multiplied by 10!

Keno Results

You can not only play keno online to win every day, you can also check in to Lottoland for all of the latest Keno results. As soon as your favourite and lucky numbers are drawn, head to Lottoland to see if you’re a prize winner straight away – it’s that simple.

Lottoland not only has all of the latest keno results right at the tip of your fingers, you can also browse through a huge database of past lottery results, not to mention any of the previous day’s Keno results that you may have missed – they’re all online and ready for you to browse at Lottoland.

With 15 keno draws per hour between 2.34pm and 7.54am AEST each and every day, it would be easy to miss some of your keno results – but not with Lottoland! There is also nowhere else that is as fast to update all of the latest Keno numbers than Lottoland.

Every four minutes, from afternoon to morning, another Keno draw takes place in which 20 numbers are drawn, so to join the fun, win big and check all the latest results as the games are played, Lottoland is the ultimate online keno destination.