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There are many people who so enjoy the chance to play not just our own Australian lotteries, but also to spread their wings and take part in other far-flung games across the world. This is why Lottoland is such a great online place to enjoy doing so. If you have this taste for worldwide adventure, then how about trying Italy’s SuperEnalotto, as well as Europe’s Euro Millions, and the superb UK Lotto? If you like dollar games, then from the US, we can give you easy access to such legendary games as those jackpot record breakers Mega Millions and US Powerball.

Our Lottoland customers always appreciate the fact that they are playing for exactly the same prizes, across all levels, as those enjoying the gamble in their own countries. Just like them, all you need to do is match those precious winning numbers; and if you do, your winnings are placed right into your Lottoland account. So you can play Lotto and PowerBall, and many other games, with complete confidence.

You will even have access to our Lottoland bonuses, amazing special promotions, and jackpots that these in-their-own-country players won’t! So, should multi-million dollar jackpots excite you, then what about the potential for winning a billion? Lottoland is waiting online for you to take those great chances. It’s easy to enter the game of your choice, choose your numbers, and number of lines, and of course we then provide all the draw results ready for you to eagerly check. Welcome to Lottoland.

Lottoland Australia

Have you joined the many Australians who visit Lottoland Australia to be a part of some of the world’s biggest and best lotteries? If not, and if you’re one of the many of our citizens who do enjoy a punt, then it’s surely time to pay us a visit. When you do, you’ll be able to play any of the Australian lottery games that you’d like to, and that includes the legend that is Keno. But at the same time, you might want to try the best of the international lotteries, by venturing that bit further afield, and visiting those North American and European games that regularly offer huge, often record breaking, multi-million dollar jackpots.

Hugely popular among such chances to win are the pair of giants from the land of the free and the home of the brave. Of course we’re talking about both Mega Millions – where the name says it all – and US Powerball. Across the Atlantic, you could pop in for a game of the UK Lotto, before heading to the European mainland to be a part of both Italy’s SuperEnalotto and the pan-continental Euro Millions.

To play any of these games, the process and results are the same as if you lived there. This means you simply make a choice of the game you’re going to play. Then select those numbers you need, and indicate how many lines you wish to play. Simple as that. Should your numbers be lucky, across any of the various prize divisions, all your winnings will be heading straight to your own Lottoland Australia account.

In fact, we offer you more than those actual lotteries do for their own people, thanks to a terrific range of superb promotions and bonuses, all exclusively for our Lottoland Australia customers. A terrific example is DoubleJackpot. You’ve probably already got the idea – double any stake, and should you be a jackpot winner, then your prize will also be doubled. Now there’s a great idea!

How Lottoland Australia Works

New customers to Lottoland, even friends of our happy team, often ask us for a quick explanation of exactly how Lottoland works here in Australia. So, here goes. What we strive to do is make it quick and easy for all our customers to enter any of our superb Australian lotteries, but also give them the opportunity to try for some of the multi-million jackpots offered by other lotteries, both in Europe, and across the Atlantic from there in the United States. Some examples of the lotteries we provide instant access to are the world famous US PowerBall and MegaMillions, the amazing EuroMillions, and there are many others to try out as well.

To be a player in any of these games, through Lottoland, is just like you’d expect it to be: you simply make your choice of games to play, then the numbers to play with, and finally the number of entries you wish to make.

Regarding the prize payouts, if you find that any entry is a winner, at any level, then that exact prize is won, just as it would be in the lottery’s home country. Our superb Lottoland insurance model guarantees that all winning tickets pay out in this way, and we place your prize straight into your Lottoland account.

We also give our own customers great opportunities to be part of our extras – a range of great bonuses and terrific offers only available on our Lottoland Australia site.

As for checking on any results of games you have entered, these are all carried onsite. Should you want to know, we even provide many past lottery results for games going back years, and even decades! And that’s Lottoland – come and see for yourself.

Lottoland Australia Cash4Life

You wake up tomorrow, and you’re a thousand dollars richer than you were today. Sound good? Then, the same thing happens the next morning. Sound even better? How about waking up every single morning for the rest of your life and being that thousand bucks better off?

That’s exactly what happens should you be a big winner with Cash4Life – and it’s so easy to enter here at Lottoland. You need to know that these Cash4Life jackpot draws happen every Monday and Thursday at 9pm (ET). By the way, if you don’t win that top prize, the next one down is terrific as well, as it’s $1000 each and every month for as long as you live. One more piece of great prize winning news – Cash4Life delivers across an amazing 9 prize tiers.

To be a top prize winner, and a thousand dollars richer every single day, you need to you match a single CashBall between 1 and 4, and five numbers from your choices from 1 to 60. Buy a single Cash4Life game through Lottoland and it’s just $2*.

If you’re into statistics and probabilities, then you’ll want to know that your Cash4Life odds of having a grand a day in pocket or purse for the rest of your life with is 1:21,846,048. This is significantly better than many other lotteries deliver. If you’re ready to take the chance to win a Cash4Life prize, join us right now at Lottoland Australia.

*Price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change.