Play Euro Millions Lotto in Australia

Euro Millions in Australia

If you are a fan of lotteries, enjoy the chance to win life-changing sums, then you may already know about Euro Millions. For just $5* for a single game, you will have entered the continent’s biggest jackpot lottery – the minimum for each of their twice-weekly draws is a terrific $21m (that’s €15m). Of course, these increase as they roll over. Just imagine how your life would be if you’d scooped their current record of an astonishing €190m (which equates to around $267m here).

It’s so easy to be part of the chance to win for each of their twice weekly Paris-based draws, every Tuesday and Friday, held at 9.30pm local time (CET). Here at Lottoland, to play Euro Millions online, all you have to do is choose five initial numbers in the range from 1 to 50. Then, select two of the possible Lucky Stars numbers, and they range from 1 and 11. If you then match both your five choices and those two lucky stars, congratulations, you are a jackpot winner! But there are a terrific 13 prize divisions in the draw, so you can even be celebrating if you match no more than a couple of your main number choices.

Immediately after each draw, or when you wake up next morning, you’ll be able to check Euro Millions results and winning numbers with us right here at Lottoland. So, enter now!

* Note that this price is subject to increase when the jackpot reaches a certain level. The pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, but prices are subject to change.

Play Euro Millions Lottery Online

There’s nothing we Aussies like better than being in with the chance of winning amazing lottery jackpots. One of the most exciting places to be in with such a chance, through Lottoland, is by taking part in the legendary Euro Millions online. For each single draw, and there are two each week, we always match the terrific prizes awarded by the official Euro Millions provider. It’s the continent of Europe’s famous deliverer of record-breaking jackpots – with the biggest ever amount being a shiveringly exciting €190m ($267m). And you can be in with your chance from just $5*.

To play Euro Millions online with us, you start by making five number choices from the range between 1 and 50. Next, you pick out two of the 11 Lucky Stars possibilities. Should this combination of 5+2 match the draw, then a Euro Millions jackpot, or sometimes a share of it, is yours!

We can help you ensure an automatic entry to every draw. If you’d rather, you can even enter automatically only when that jackpot reaches a stated amount. The Euro Millions jackpot draw happens every Friday and Tuesday in Paris (9.30pm CET). All winning numbers are reported here at Lottoland.

* Please note that this price is subject to increase should the jackpot reach a certain level. Our pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, however prices are subject to change.

Euro Millions Vs Euro Jackpot Lotto

What about Euro Millions or Euro Jackpot – which should I choose? It’s a question our Lottoland team are often asked. Of course, it’s your choice of one or both. To help you decide, here are the key Euro Millions and Euro Jackpot facts and differences comparisons. In fact, for both you start with a pick of five numbers from 1 to 50, and then add two bonus numbers. The difference: Euro Millions choices range from 1 to 11, however for Euro Jackpot it’s just 1 to 10.

This difference is reflected in the minimum jackpots offered. Euro Millions starts at €15m ($21m); Euro Jackpot is lower at €10m (A$14m). The jackpot build-ups on rollover also allows Euro Millions to head higher. Their record stands at €190m ($267m approx), and Euro Jackpot’s is much lower at €60m ($84m or so).

So, what are your overall chances of winning? Euro Jackpot comes in at 1:42; the Euro Millions probability is just 1:23. Of course, you can play both or either with us at Lottoland: Euro Jackpot from just $3; Euro Millions at $5*. Results are always available here – Euro Millions draw take place each Tuesday and Friday at 9.30pm, Euro Jackpot just on Fridays and earlier at 9pm (CET).

* Price shown is subject to increase if the jackpot should reach a certain level. Pricing quoted here on this page is correct at the time of writing, but prices are subject to change.

Euro Millions Lottery Promotions

Our Lottoland team are well aware of the popularity of the Tuesday and Friday Euro Millions draws, held in wonderful Paris at 9.30pm Central European Time. It’s no surprise as this is where you’ll regularly find the biggest jackpots in all of Europe. Their current best is a stunning €190m or AU$267m. It also offers a great starting point minimum of a terrific $21m or €15m.

Euro Millions began right back in 2004, a joint effort of the individual national lotteries in the UK, Spain and France. The popularity of Euro Millions has certainly grown greatly in the last dozen years or so. For we Australians, the chance to wake up any Wednesday or Saturday, gently stretch, and then check the results at Lottoland, only to find yourself a huge winner, is surely too good to miss out on!

That’s why we are making superb Euro Millions offers to our users. Purchase a subscription for at least one game in these two draws and instead of paying $10 for your pair of winning chances, it’ll be just $8.50. Your Euro Millions promotions make entering an even better bet. Just choose your five main numbers, add a pair of Lucky Stars selections, and you could wake up to a life-changing moment!

Euro Millions Lotto Results

It’s Tuesday or Friday night, and it’s 9.30pm (CET) in the wonderful city of Paris. Thousands of miles away, from Darwin or Brisbane to Hobart, Perth to Sydney, Canberra to Melbourne or Adelaide – in fact, anywhere in Australia – it could be a life-changing moment for you. This is because it’s time for the twice-weekly Euro Millions draws winning numbers to be chosen. This legendary lottery, that was started by Spain, France, and the United Kingdom, more than a decade ago, delivers the largest lottery jackpots across the continent.

Enter Euro Millions here at Lottoland, and we know you’ll want to find out if you have won – and they offer a brilliant 13 prize divisions. We provide the results of every single Euro Millions draw, reaching all the way back to the start. If you’re about in the hours of darkness, you can even check whenever the results are confirmed way over the ocean in France.

The minimum jackpot is €15m, $21m Australian or so. Their record rollover is €190m ($267m). At Lottoland, we make it so easy to be part of this lottery, and every bit as easy to then check each draw’s winning numbers. So, don’t miss out on this great chance to wake up a winner!