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Australian Lotto & Powerball

Lottoland is where you can find all of the best Australian Lotto games. With convenience and security, you will be able to play the popular Monday and Wednesday Lotto and be in the running for estimated $1 million or more. There is also Tuesday Lotto, known Australia-wide for its huge, record-breaking jackpots of many, many millions. Thursday Lotto is the famous Australian Powerball® draw that happens each Thursday night, with at least $3 million that could be yours. And Saturday Lotto – just like on Monday and Wednesdays – boosts your winning potential to $4 million each and every week.

But it only gets better. Monday Lotto and Wednesday Lotto see regular superdraws sending your potential winning jackpots heading skywards to $5 million. And it’s not unusual to see the jackpot prizes on Australian Powerball® and Oz Lotto® soar beyond the $5 million mark! Opt for the DoubleJackpot option on any Australian lottery game at Lottoland and you double your potential jackpot by doubling your stake. Draws for Australian Powerball® happen each and every Thursday at 8.30pm (AEST) and the jackpot is guaranteed to be at least $3 million.

The price is also right at Lottoland, with a single game of Saturday Lotto costing you just $0.70*, getting you in the running for around $4 million. At Lottoland you have plenty of options to get your lotto results as you play Tattslotto, X Lotto or Gold Lotto, known country-wide as Australian Lotto.

Wednesday Lotto

You can play the popular Monday and Wednesday Lotto every single week with Lottoland and be in the running for around $1 million or more. With the Monday and Wednesday Lotto Superdraws, the jackpots are tipped over the $5 million mark so you can’t afford to miss out.

At Lottoland, we have Monday and Wednesday Lotto covered, in all of the various forms that they are known as throughout Australia. In Western Australia and New South Wales, it’s the Monday and Wednesday Lotto, in South Australia those big jackpots can be won with X Lotto. In Queensland it is the Gold Lotto that could see you become a millionaire, while everywhere else it’s called Tattslotto. But no matter what it’s called, there are six prize divisions that mean there are plenty of ways to win on Monday and Wednesday Lotto, where the odds stack up favourably in comparison with Australia’s other major lottery games.

Saturday Lotto

$0.70* for a single game means you are playing Saturday Lotto with Lottoland and in the running for an estimated minimum of $4 million each and every week. It’s been Australia’s Saturday favourite since 1972 and is known throughout the country by all of its different names, like Gold Lotto, Tattslotto and even simply Lotto.

The draws are each and every Saturday night at 8.30pm (AEST), with those regular $4 million jackpot prizes rising up to an eye-watering $20 million thanks to the Saturday Lotto Superdraws, while the annual Saturday Lotto Megadraws offer a tantalising $30 million jackpot that you can’t afford to ignore.

The draws are your familiar six main numbers plus two supplementaries, with a match of all six meaning you win the huge jackpot. There are six prize divisions that give you a great 85:1 chance of winning, with even matching three numbers and a supplementary enough to get money coming your way. If you’re short on time, use the Quick +1 option to generate random numbers, and double your potential jackpot with a double stake with DoubleJackpot at Lottoland.

Australian Powerball

Powerball® jackpots range from a guaranteed $3 million to a mouth-watering $50 million when you play Australia’s Thursday Lotto with Lottoland. Since 1996, Australia’s exciting and popular version has been based on the premise of the famous US Powerball®.

Australian Powerball® draws take place every Thursday at 8.30pm (AEST), and you can buy your chance at the tantalising jackpots for just $0.90*. How to win Powerball®? It’s as easy as picking six numbers between one and 40 and a Powerball® between one and 20, and for really easy playing, use the Quick +1 option and your numbers will be randomly chosen for you.

Match all six and the Powerball® and jackpot millions are yours, and no less than eight Powerball® divisions give you the best possible chance to win big with favourable odds – match just two numbers and the Powerball® and a prize is yours. And if you chose the DoubleJackpot option for double your stake, your winnings could be doubled as well, so play now and get your Powerball® results at Lottoland.

Bet Oz Lotto

Tuesday Lotto, known throughout Australia as Oz Lotto® and the oldest nationwide lottery dating back to 1994, promises weekly Oz Lotto® jackpots of at least $2 million. But in 2012, it set an Australian record with a staggering $112 million prize.

Oz Lotto® is drawn every Tuesday at 8.30pm (AEST) and the Oz Lotto® results can be found at Lottoland where you stand to win at least $2 million but often more than $50 million.

If you’re wondering how to win Oz Lotto®, it’s easy – just pick seven numbers and two supplementaries, and to make it even easier, you can use the random number option called Quick +1. Your chances of winning are high with the seven Oz Lotto® prize divisions, as successfully picking just three numbers and a supplementary will see you bank a prize.

A single game can be bought for just $1.20*, and if you double your stake with the DoubleJackpot option, you stand to double your huge jackpot prizes.

Australian Lotto & Powerball Results

If you want your Australian lottery results fast, no online betting destination is faster than Lottoland. As soon as the numbers are drawn, we update the lottery results with all of the latest winning numbers immediately.

So if you want your Monday Lotto results and Wednesday Lotto results, head to Lottoland and see if that minimum $1 million jackpot is yours. The same applies for your Tuesday Lotto results with Oz Lotto®, which has Australia’s biggest jackpots by far. Lottoland is the best place to check not only your Oz Lotto® results, because Saturday Lotto results are also at Lottoland, where you can follow one of Australia’s favourite lotteries. We also have you covered with Thursday Lotto results, so you can see if you’ve won big with jackpots between $3 million and a staggering $50 million.

It’s at Lottoland where you can easily and affordably play all of your favourite lottery games and then straight away grab all of the latest Australian lotto results in a fast and simple format. So as soon as Saturday Lotto has been drawn at 8.30pm (AEST) in any of its various guises, like Tattslotto, X Lotto and Gold Lotto, head to Lottoland for the results.

The popular Oz Lotto® is drawn every Tuesday at 8.30pm (AEST), Australian Powerball® happens Thursdays at 8.30pm (AEST) and your Powerball® results will also be at Lottoland straight after it is drawn. Monday and Wednesday Lottos take place at 8.30pm (EST) as well, so you’ll be wanting to head over to Lottoland to check if you’re Australia’s newest multimillionaire.