About Us

We know that so many Australians love a punt. So, what is it for you? Do you enjoy backing the horses or your favourite footy team? Perhaps the oval ball games are for you – either rugby or even the NFL. Many people love their soccer, cricket, tennis, basketball, golf and more. While eSports are the thing for increasing numbers of people, others still enjoy the chance to enter local and further afield lotteries.

Whichever is your passion, you’ll want a source of useful information and great betting opportunities. If so, it’s time to pay us a visit here at iPunt – either on your tablet, laptop or desktop, or via our superb mobile app on the go.

Want to know more about us?

If you haven’t yet visited our site, you’d maybe like a bit more background about us. The business is both owned and operated by Punt Media Pty Ltd. We are not actually a betting company, as we don’t choose to own a gambling licence. Instead, we focus on working with the best of Australian corporate bookmakers and lottery betting companies, and they are all licensed out of the Northern Territory. Our company is fully compliant with the Interactive Gambling Act and does not collect any personal data other than what is specified in our privacy policy. We’ll only provide information regarding betting companies who are operating within the Financial Transaction Records Act, all of them licensed and regulated for the benefit of Australian consumers like you.

What do we do here at iPunt?

It’s simple – we provide a brilliant betting interface. Visit us now and see the wealth of important tips, plus great stats. Then make full use of the important odds comparisons we provide before using our superb range of betting tools, including great favourites like line pickers. We deliver the knowledge and opportunities at iPunt; the betting skills are all yours!

Problem Gambling

At iPunt, we work hard to provide the access, opportunities and information to help people gamble responsibly. Online is the way we deliver this service, giving opportunities for betting on key sports contests and entering the many great lotteries we provide instant access to. Other folk like to play the pokies, make the occasional casino visit or place that Melbourne Cup bet on the course itself.

Through all of these and other opportunities, we all know that gambling should be part of the enjoyment – for example by adding to the excitement of watching that live game. However, it’s been estimated that around half a million of our Australian population have a gambling problem, or might develop one in the future. When it isn’t fun anymore, our iPunt team would like to suggest two sources of help.

The first is an action you can take yourself by applying for a self-exclusion notice. When put in place, it means that the betting companies are prevented from taking on your business. It’s up to you to decide its duration, and it’s possible you might then want to extend its provisions by applying for another when it expires.

Many people who have recognised their problem also benefit through contact with Gambling Help Online. There, they find both others with similar problems and appreciate the help available to them in a worrying situation.

If gambling is a bigger part of your life than you would ever want it to be, please take action now and try gambling counselling services.